September/October 2023 Newsletter

October 27th, 2023

Huge response from Playwrights

The 6th Martin Lysicrates Prize Event has attracted 42 Playwright entries. Entries have been received from every state of Australia including the Northern Territory. Readings are currently taking place and a long list will be selected by the end of September.

The short list of three playwrights, whose entries will be featured at the 6th Martin Lysicrates Prize Event, will be announced mid-October.

At Lysicrates, we are so encouraged by the depth of talent out there in the Australian playwriting community, and are truly proud to be able to showcase the work of these masterly writers.

Interest in the First Martin Children's Walk on Wednesday 29th November 2023 gathers pace

What’s the Martin Children’s Walk?

Friends of Lysicrates will know the famous James Martin episode, immortalised in the twin statutes in Martin Place and Parramatta, in which the 12-year-old James Martin, determined to get the high school education unavailable at home in Parramatta, decided that, since his parents couldn’t afford the carriage fare, he would walk the distance to Sydney himself. Which he did.

The Martin Children’s Walk will re-enact and celebrate the boy’s bravery and love of learning. Children from six schools will do the same walk, in five relays of about 5kms each, starting at 6 a.m. from Parramatta Square and ending at around 11.30 a.m. in Martin Place.

Many Schools Show Expression of Interest to Attend 6th Martin Lysicrates Prize Event

The sixth Martin Lysicrates Prize Event will take place at noon on Wednesday 29th November 2023 in the Martin Place Amphitheatre. The Event will immediately follow the completion of the Martin Children's Walk.

Expression of Interest have been received from schools in Sydney, the rest of Australia and overseas.

The National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) is Australia’s leading performing arts school.

NIDA’s Master of Fine Arts Dramatic Writing course

Empowering new writers to craft captivating narratives for STAGE and SCREEN, providing industry-focused training to accelerate their career.

They will explore the foundations of dramatic craft, exploring theatre, film, TV, and interactive writing. Through hands-on exercises and project development, students build a diverse portfolio, including two full-length works and compelling outlines ready for pitching.

Collaborative projects abound, from TV writers' rooms to working with directors and actors on stage and screen productions. This intensive program prepares them for a successful writing career while fostering a safe, supportive and inclusive space to fully reveal your potential.

They will be trained as a versatile and adaptable writer as they forge connections with industry professionals, propelling themselves towards an inspiring future in dramatic writing. NIDA is dedicated to making its education and learning more accessible to the most creative and talented individuals across Australia and will offer $900,000 in scholarships aimed to remove financial barriers.

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