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In 2020 Brooke Robinson won the audience vote for her play "Deoxyribo-Whatever Acid" and Matthew Whittett won the online vote for his play "No Need to Hide a Light when it Shines like Hers".WATCH VIDEO

Online Voters Lysicrates Prize 2020

The People's Choice

The Winner was announced on Monday, 14th December 2020 in the Jubilee Room at Parliament House by Don Harwin, NSW Arts Minister.

Matthew had the most votes cast for his funny, warm, sympathetic play about a young woman’s self-realisation. He won $5,000 for his incredible play!

The votes had poured in from France, Germany, Greece, India, Netherlands, North Macedonia, United Kingdom and United States. Even within Australia, with most of the votes, the geographical spread has been amazing, with votes coming in from every Australian state and territory except the Northern Territory.

Lysicrates Viewers Prize

Helen Kotsianis from Victoria was the Lysicrates Viewers Prize winner with a prize of $1,000. Congratulations Helen!

Watch the winners announcement from Parliament House


Which play was your favourite?

View all three plays below

No Need To Hide a Light When It Shines Like Hers

By Matthew Whittet

The Party

By Katy Warner

Deoxyribo-Whatever Acid

By Brooke Robinson

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The Martin-Lysicrates Prize 2022 is on! SAVE THE DATE: Tuesday 8th November 2022 At the Riverside Theatre, Parramatta

The Martin-Lysicrates Prize celebrates the best of Australian playwriting for children and they get to vote for the winner!

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