Now adolescents all over Australia can get involved in the Martin-Lysicrates Prize!

November 6th, 2018

Six hundred high school students attended the second annual Martin-Lysicrates Prize at Riverside Theatres in September. And what a success it was!

The audience members made their democratic choice about which of the three plays should win the Prize—$15,000 to complete the play, and two return tickets to Athens.

But now the field is wide open again and students anywhere in Australia can vote for their choice. The live performances were filmed and can now be watched on the brand new Martin-Lysicrates website.

Anyone aged between 10 and 17 can vote for the play they would most like to see completed.

Not only is there a $3,000 prize for the playwright who secures the most viewers’ votes, but there are lots of other prizes to be won by students and teachers in participating schools.

Teachers will find a whole unit of work to help prepare their classes to get the most out of the Martin-Lysicrates experience, and there are so many ways for kids to engage and come out winners themselves!

Along the way they will learn all sorts of things about ancient Greece, colonial Australia, democracy and the magic of theatre.

The Martin-Lysicrates experience is guaranteed to inspire.

Voting closes on December 7 and every vote counts!

Teachers and students—head to the Martin-Lysicrates website